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The first Jews
The first Jews arrived in Quebec in the 1760s and settled in such areas as Trois Rivières, Quebec City, the Port of Montreal (now Old Montreal) and other regions of Quebec.
The Lewis Family
is made up of four generations who have all devoted their lives to labour and social rights issues.
Red Fisher
was the longest-serving beat writer on record for an NHL team, having reported on the Canadians for 57 years.
Manny Batshaw
helped found Quebec's Batshaw Youth and Family Centres in 1993.
The Brott Family
has had a profound impact on the development and history of classical music in Canada.
Emile Berliner
was the inventor of the gramophone. His business, Berliner Gram-O-Phone, was the precursor to modern record labels including Universal Music Group.
Shawn Levy
has directed and produced a number of Hollywood hits including Big Fat Liar, Night at the Museum, and Stranger Things.
Sidney Altman
is a molecular biologist who won the 1989 Nobel Prize.
Yiddish Writers
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